Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Swarathma live at Someplace Else

Swarathma is a Bangalore (India) based Indian Folk/fusion band. The current line up includes Vasu Dixit (vocals and rhythm guitar), Pavan Kumar KJ (percussion and backing vocals), Montry Manuel (drums), Varun (lead guitar), Sanjeev Nayak (violin) and Jishnu Dasgupta (bass guitar and backing vocals).
They were formed in 2002 in Mysore when vocalist and songwriter Vasu Dixit met Abhinanth Kumar on guitars with the objective of creating original music. Joined by Pavan Kumar KJ on percussions, Arjun on the violin and Montry Manuel on drums, they were the original line-up.
In early 2008, Radio City re-launched Radio City Live, a nation-wide hunt for India's best Hindi band.. Selecting from over 100 entries from bands across India, Swarathma made it to the national finals with a winning performance.
The band flew to New Delhi for its first show outside Karnataka at the Garden of Five Senses. Pitted against six other top bands from across the country, Swarathma delivered a powerful performance that won them the Radio City Live title. In press interviews the band said that it was a combination of theatric showmanship and musical effort that brought them this honour, coupled with the fact that the onstage energy came from close relationships that band-members shared amongst themselves. Palash Sen of Euphoria, one of the judges of the event said, "This is the moment we've all been eagerly been waiting for - Swarathma being declared India's best Hindi Band!". This was one of the band's biggest moments.
Swarathma recorded their debut album with EMI Music India as part of winning RC Live in Kshitiz Studios, New Delhi in July-August 2008 with Amit Kilam as the producer.
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Saturday, 28 February 2009
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