Wednesday, March 29, 2006


An Alternative Music Fest

Someplace Else brings you a fortnight of music… the way you’ve never heard it before! With a plethora of bands, each with a unique sound… it promises to change the meaning of ‘alternative’!

HELGA’S FUN CASTLE... featuring Gino Banks
1st April 2006. 9pm onwards

HFC was formed in November 2004. They came onto the circuit as a jam band, hitting stages completely unrehearsed with most of their set, and made up songs impromptu! The band comprises of Siddharth Coutto (also drummer of Zero), Meghashyam (ex guitarist of Acquired Funk Syndrome, Zero Guitar player), Gino Banks and Johan Pais (ex- Vicious circle). It's a mini 'supergroup' with seasoned musicians in it. In Someplace Else they bust the theory that music has to stick to a particular genre! And watch out for the track they have penned specially for SPE!!
8th April 2006. 9pm onwards

Urban Reflections was a project started by Debashish Banerjee and Sidhartho Samadar in 2003. The main objective of the band is to bring about a change in the current live music scene in Kolkata by incorporating the sound of jazz, funk, soul and R&B into the existing sound. In Someplace Else they explore their venture into the international music scene, charting tracks from John Coltraine to Steely Dan.

MYSTIQUE… featuring Amit Heri
14th April 2006. 9pm onwards

One of the few Indian musicians to perform at major international music festivals, Amit Heri draws inspiration from various musical cultures of the world including Latin, Indian, Contemporary, Jazz, Funk, Blues and European music. Mystique, featuring Amit Heri, Mukul Dogre and Ravindra Chari, is a unique band with a fusion sound that ranges from mellow and pretty, to fiery and funky! Tightly woven compositions interspersed with intricate improvisations in a high-energy performance makes Mystique a uniquely enjoyable listening experience!
15th April 2006. 9pm onwards

The Tribe was a musical journey that was started by Ujjayinee and Gaurav in December 2004 in Chennai, with the prime aim of creating a sound with a difference. Working and experimenting with various genres of music from electronica, opera and rock, to Indian and Western classical and jazz, Tribe has given birth to a unique sound, which is completely original and experimental. At Someplace Else they will be joined by eminent Hindustani and Karnatic percussion players Soumen (on tabla) and Somnath, along with Soumitro Baypari (on the violin) and DJ Amit from Mumbai! An eclectic group of musicians creating a truly alternative brand of sound!


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