Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Krosswindz live!


tuki abt to kick off a solo

mixing it up nice 'n hard

rajiv & chandrani

getting into the groove

mickey, tuki & bumpy on a hendrix number

tuki taking off on yet another blistering solo

making magic!

solo finale!

around 12:30am, ending the gig on a high 'n rockin' note!!!

'twas just another tuesday at someplace else, with krosswindz rocking the night away at someplace else. they sound better as the night progresses, with tuki's trademark flambuoyance on the frets taking centre-stage and blowing the crowd away...ably complemented by the rest of the band, each member adding his or her own signature to the songs...and boy, they play an awesome set!

njoi the pics...

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pink Noise & Bertie


"Mighty" - Bluesman extraordinaire!

acoustic + blues harp

mother & son - jay & jiver

bertie, up close

"Mighty" on one of his extraordinary solos...

Mr Singh on the bass!

Pink Noise

an engrossing solo!

jay - up, close & personal

an amazing show - bertie and pink noise at someplace else - which had the crowd begging for more. a fantastic repertoire of songs, performed brilliantly, with the finer nuances of musicianship thrown in as only an amyt datta can...
for those who missed out, i only wish this set goes up on stage soon to enthrall us all once again...!