Monday, October 05, 2009

Skinny Alley live at Someplace Else

Skinny Alley is a band comprising some of India's most experienced and versatile musicians, each of whom brings a wealth of experience that contributes richly to the sound of the band. Each member has performed in several bands all over the country and outside, playing music that spans many decades and even more styles, ranging from rock and roll to reggae, from funk to fusion, and from jazz-inflected pop to the blues. The band has played to diverse crowds, from college campuses to plush clubs and from coffee-houses to football stadiums, to a gangster-family wedding on a shady rooftop. The original music of Skinny Alley reflects all of this; incorporating the maturity, the skills, the influences and the experience of the five musicians. This is a new sound and we believe that it is here to stay.......

Catch them live at Someplace Else on

Saturday, 10 Oct, 2009....9pm onwards

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