Monday, January 28, 2008


Drummer-percussionist-Brian Melvin is one of today's leading modern rhythmatists . In a generation of new percussionists , Brian is at the edge of new sounds and percussion in music. He is a serious player of Tai Chi and Chi Qong and the healing arts.

As a percussionist and mainly hand drum player he has studied with Ustad Alla Rakha and his son Zakir Hussain on Tablas as well as his good friends Aushim Chauduri and Arshed Syed.Brian has also written the book Tao of Drumming", combining a reflective and personal approach from his years of doing Tai Chi and eastern studies. He has also just released his solo project 'Land of Drum' which features all original world music compositions. Currently Brian's main group is 'Beatlejazz' with his friend and pianist David Kikoski.
He played live at Someplace Else with Amit Heri Group, Amit Heri, Karl Peters & Carl Clements................... legendry Jazz Musicians!!!


The Amit Heri Group

The Amit Heri Group makes their way to Someplace Else this weekend! Legendry musicians Amit Heri, Karl Peters, Brian Melvin & Carl Clements promise to make this a Jazz evening to remember.

Amit Heri is well known in the Western music scene as a legend. This legendary musician comes together with Brian Melvin (international drummer/ percussionist extraordinaire), Carl Clements (saxophone/ flute/ bamboo flute) and Karl Peters (unanimously acknowledged as the Numero Uno bassist in India) to bring you a personal journey that highlights the commonality between musical cultures – from blues, Indian & Western Classical sounds to rock and Jazz.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SHRI - Live @ 5th jan

Yes it was that time again ... time for a special night at the some place..
The guests this time were Shri the blues band hailing from America..
It was basically the jam band for Stevie ray Vaughn - Clapton and the likes
Their genre being Pretty much Laid Back blues and gospel preaching blues
and a heavy knack for originals made the evening very delightful...it was
clean blues set and We loved it all....