Monday, December 31, 2007

Indian Ocean Live !! 29th December

Just One Word For The Indian Ocean Show
It was "Mynd" Blowing
An all original set An Original Set An all Original Set
And yes an array of New Songs
Performed with Pin Point Precision
Certainly one of the Best Bands This Country Has To Offer
Im certain another IO gig is on the cards at Spe In the near

Shark Tooth Live Storms - 22nd December 07

Yess Sirreee Bob What Do u get When U Mix A Blues Rock Band A Space age
Progressive Jazz Band and A Metal Band Together The Answer is Simple
-- Shark Tooth Live Storms on the 22nd Dec at SOme Place Else
( The Place to be)

The Opening Act For this event was Span - Followed By Pink Noise and Ending
The Shift were Crystal and Witches - The evening was ever electrifying with
A perfect Blend of 3 genres of music which left the people wanting for more..
And as the saying goes The Beer really Did Flow -- Hell yes waiting for
Another Live Storm !!

Zero Live !! 15th December 07

YES YES YES After A Long Wait -- The were There At last Burning Down the HOuse
And Yes Yes YEs it Was KIck Ass Show - 2 and a Haffff !! hour of Pure Rock and ROll
and best of All -- A nearly Cover Free All Original Set -- Their set list Included "Wish"
"PsP12" "Hate in E #" " Old Man Sitting On the Back Porch" etc etc etc etc etc and an
Occasional Random lyric Jam or two -- all in all Fun fun fun fun and fun and Loads of
Beer !! They promise to be Back soon at the Place to be (always) SOme Place Else.....